The Myanmar V-Pile Group of Companies is the market leader in Myanmar's foundation industry,with unique expertise,extensive experience and internationally-recognized quality in superstructure,substructure and infrastructure construction works.We have achieved the internationally recognized standard of ISO 9001:2008 certification. We started in 1996 as Myanmar V-Pile Company Limited,specializing in pile foundation building,beginning with a patented indirect hydraulic jacking system,bought from a Malaysian company.We expanded into pile foundation construction using bored piles,driven piles,micro-piles,as well as ground engineering works of jet grouting and ground anchoring.We developed our portfolio further through subsidiaries that now comprise the Myanmar V-Pile Group of Companies in Myanmar and Singapore,expanding into the whole range of construction-related work,including superstructure and infrastructure construction.

Our subsidiaries are:
  • Myanmar V-Pile Company Ltd.
  • Myanmar Piling Company Ltd.
  • First Myanmar Construction Company Ltd.

We are proud of our record of successfully completing over 700 diverse projects for foundation,superstructure and infrastructure,ranging from pagoda foundations,residential projects and large-scale industrial and hotel projects to river bridges,jetties,high-rise buildings,government and commercial buildings.