Myanmar V-Pile Co., Ltd

Born in 1996,Myanmar V-Pile was the piling company incorporated in Myanmar.Quality control is ensured through ISO 9001:2008 guidelines. The name "V-Pile" was derived from a pile installation system using a patented unique indirect hydraulic jacking technique, which was invented and marketed by V-Pile Technology(M) Sdn Bhd,Malaysia.

V-Pile,because of this hydraulic jacking system, is noise and vibration-free and is environmentally-friendly compared to other pile methods. Pile resistance can be measured directly as the pile installation proceeds and this provides a higher level of quality assurance.

A full range of pile foundations can be installed with two different types of piling machines using a hydraulic jacking system. The first type uses hydraulic pressure exerted downwards from the top of the pile.Such a system is used for installing six-meter long reinforced concrete(RC) square piles of sizes 150*150mm,200*200mm,and 250*250mm.This approach is useful where construction work has to take place under space and height constraints,such as narrow urban settings. The second type of hydraulic jacking system uses a grip and press machine to drive the pile into the ground using hydraulic pressure. This system accommodates a wide range of pile sizes,from 200*200 to 500*500mm RC square piles,as well as pile lengths of 12 meters