Myanmar Piling Company.,Ltd

Incorporated in 2005,Myanmar Piling Company is today recognized as the foremost company in the pile foundation industry.Quality control is ensured through ISO 9001:2008 guidelines.Its key services include Bored Pile,Driven Pile and Sheet Pile,which are the more conventional types of piling.

A full range of pile foundations can be installed with two different types of piling machines using a hydraulic jacking system.The first type uses hydraulic pressure exerted downwards from the top of the pile.Such a system is used for installing six-meter long reinforced concrete(RC) square piles of sizes 150*150mm,200*200mm,and 250*250mm.This approach is useful where construction work has to take place under space and height constraints,such as narrow urban settings.

The second type of hydraulic jacking system uses a grip and press machine to drive the pile into the ground using hydraulic pressure.This system accommodates a wide range of pile sizes,from 200*200 to 500*500mm RC square piles,as well as pile lengths of 12 meters

Myanmar Piling Company has completed many large and successful projects,amongs them the construction of jetties,river bridges and large storage tanks. Furthermore,in order to ensure competitive prices,we started our own pile casting division in 1997.